Ralph Mazzocchi to compete on Spike TV’s ‘Frankenfood’

Lancasteronline.com —By Lynn Schmidt

Ralph Mazzocchi, the longtime Lancaster chef and owner of Ralph’s, 117 S. West End Ave., will appear on Spike TV’s “Frankenfood,” a new reality show featuring odd culinary creations by competitors trying to win $10,000 and possibly launch “the next food craze,” according to its website.

The first episode airs Sunday, June 22, at 10 p.m.


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From carry-out to catering, ‘food matters’ at Ralph’s


lancasteronline.com – By Stephen Kopfinger

When it comes to his latest culinary endeavor, Ralph Mazzocchi says this is his last venture.

“After this, I become a welder,” states the longtime Lancaster chef, who, with business partner Joe Volpone, opened Ralph’s last August.

Mazzocchi, who helmed such local restaurants as Gallo Rosso on North Queen Street and Mazzi Designed Dining in Leola, might have to put off that dream of welding for a while. Along with Volpone, he’s keeping busy offering sit-down and take-away fare in a space that’s part of the old Slaymaker lock-making building on West End Avenue.

“All I want to do is cook, and that’s all I want to do,” sums up Mazzocchi, who is happier being in a kitchen than behind a management desk, which was a big part of his life as a former restaurateur.

“You know what? I’m getting to cook!” he says with amped-up enthusiasm. Read more –>


Ralph’s When Food Matters!


eatmelancaster.com – By Eat Me! Lancaster

For those of you that have grown up in an Italian family or have been adopted into one you understand when I say “Mangia!” With my family, gatherings aren’t just a hello how do you do, it’s a carnival of food that equals no other food experience….anywhere, ever! Plate after plate of antipasta, cheeses, aged meats, bread, roast pork, sausage, tomato sauce, roasted peppers, olives, soup, salad, cannoli (ricotta, it’s the only true cannoli) pine nut cookies, pizelles, biscotti…and the list goes on. I will not go into the jugs of wine and loaves of bread that is consumed but it is also among epic proportions.

Speaking of epic proportions, I was treated to a lunch at Ralph’s located in the Slaymaker Building on 117 S. West End Ave. The decor has a rustic cafe feel, very casual with indoor and patio seating. It was a chilly rainy day so I sat at a semi circle window seatRead more –>


Revamped for Take-Away

lancasteronline.com – By Paula Wolf

Ralph Mazzocchi and Joe Volpone first tried downtown Lancaster when seeking a location for their new gourmet take-away restaurant.

But their potential dealings “didn’t gel,” Mazzocchi said, so they looked to the city’s West end.

The business partners found a perfect place for their enterprise at the old Slaymaker Lock building at 117 S. West End Ave. — even though the space needed lots of work.

Ralph’s, which opened Aug. 20, sells ready-made breakfast, lunch and dinner items, beverages including coffee and tea, and assorted condiments. The establishment also offers catering.  Read more –>


Prominent chef plans gourmet take-out restaurant

lancasteronline.com – By Joe Hainthaler

Ralph Mazzocchi, the prominent Lancaster chef who cooked for the Academy Awards in 2005 and opened two bistro-style restaurants in Leola, said he and partner Joe Volpone are ready to bring a gourmet touch to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Their restaurant in the city will cater to professionals who want a nice meal but don’t have an hour to sit in a restaurant, Volpone said. Instead, they can call ahead for a fresh, high-quality meal to take back to the office or home, he said.

When it opens later this month in the Slaymaker Building at 117 S. West End Ave., Ralph’s will be a gourmet take-out restaurant. The 900-square-foot restaurant also will offer outdoor seating for 24, and cater parties and office-meeting meals for 60 and fewer.  Read more –>


Fresh Face: Ralph’s

fig magazine – June 2012

Ralph is back… with new flavors and old favorites!  Gourmet Takeaway Old-School Market Meets Today’s Tastes.

Ralph Mazzocchi is  the architect of successful restaurants that have transformed the food scene in Lancaster County. From Mazzi to Gallo Rosso and Portifino, Ralph has a earned a reputation for infusing great pride, passion and taste into every dish he creates.

For his latest endeavor, Ralph offers up a clever and convenient fusion of old-school deli and upscale cuisine.

Impromptu party? Late night at the office? Forget everything you thought about takeout food. Operating from 7 AM – 7 PM, Ralph’s works with your schedule, not against it. From his famous baked penne to gourmet sandwiches, Ralph’s has everything you need for a fantastic —and fast—breakfast, lunch and dinner.